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Opportunities Abound with ENA

The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) is the premier professional nursing association dedicated to defining the future of emergency nursing through advocacy, education, research, innovation, leadership and more! ​

Advertising with ENA has proven to be an indispensable resource to the global emergency nursing community: reaching emergency nurses, flight and transport nurses, military and Emergency Department (ED) professionals at all levels. ENA members often have direct input and influence over the products and services used in the ED. Reaching emergency nurses is key to growing market share and optimizing ROI in the ED.

Kerry Holt, Recruiter

BayCare Health System

ENA empowers, nurtures, and appreciates emergency nurses!

2023 Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Ops

We offer both print and digital advertising options to align with your marketing goals and needs. Click on the associated button for more details on advertising rates, editorial calendars, and ad specifications.

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ENA Connection Magazine

The official monthly magazine of ENA. It covers the latest topics, trends and advancements in the practice of emergency nursing as well as association news and events. ENA Connection is sent to over 50,000 members in print and digital formats. Advertising appears in both formats. Sponsored editorial content is also available in ENA Connection. Content must be educational in nature and considered of value to our members. All content must be approved by ENA. 

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ENA Facebook Advertising

The newest addition to our advertising portfolio. ENA’s Facebook page has the highest level of emergency nursing management available. With 75,000+ followers on Facebook, your ad will be delivered directly into the newsfeed of your targeted audience. Advertisers can choose to reach all ENA followers or target based on education level, job title, location and more. Campaigns last for 30-consecutive days. All content must be approved by ENA.

ENA weekly digital.PNG

ENA Newsline Weekly

Digital Newsletter

Emailed every Tuesday exclusively to ENA members to keep them informed of breaking news and topics that directly impact emergency nurses. As of Jan. 2020, Newsline has been delivered 2,369,308 times with a 19% Open Rate. Advertising in ENA Newsline is flexible. Copy can be changed to feature different products or messages. All content must be approved by ENA. 

direct send emails.PNG

Direct Send Emails

Allows advertisers to create their own HTML email that is delivered to ENA Members. Content must be educational in nature and considered of value to our members. All content must be approved by ENA.

For quote, email:

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ENA Website Banner Advertising

Appears on several highly-visited pages throughout the ENA website. The website is home base for members and receives over 1.3 million visits per year. Ad campaigns can be purchased in 1-month, 3-month or 6-month increments. All content must be approved by ENA.

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ENA Site Retargeting

Your message reaches site visitors across the web. Custom Creative delivers impactful messaging. Insightful campaign reporting included. Optimization ensures your ads are seen on mobile devices. 

Learning Lab

Industry Learning Lab

The Industry Learning Lab is an engaging and collaborative educational experience within ENA University that is driven by industry partner content. Our global partners have an exciting opportunity to showcase emergency nursing education and skills training to over 50,000 ENA members.

Terms & Conditions of Supply

Terms & Conditions
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