ENA® Sales Team

Sarah Appleton

Business Development Lead
Email /  +1 312 673 5575

Amanda Patrick

EN24 Sales Manager
Email / +1 202 367 2421

Lauryn Scriber

EN24 Sales Associate
Email / +1 202 367 2461

Jordan Owens

Year-Round Advertising Sales

Exhibit Management, Advertising & Fulfillment

Elizabeth Lancaster

Exhibit Manager

MiAnna Johnson

Exhibit Associate

Allison Norris

Year-Round Fulfillment

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Use of ENA Name

ENA, Emergency Nursing 2024, and Event logo are registered trademarks owned by the ENA. Participation by Exhibitor in the Event does not entitle Exhibitor to use such names or logos, except that Exhibitor may reference the Event and use the Event logo with reference to Exhibitor's participation as an exhibitor at the Emergency Nursing 2024. Participation in the Event does not imply endorsement or approval by ENA of any product, service or participant and none shall be claimed by any participant.